ORTWED Technology

 "Tuzal Ltd. Company used to represent Danish ORTWED ApS. Company in Poland within the scope of the Eureka Project No 2695!. Moreover, Tuzal Ltd. Company was engaged in coordination all activities and tasks between Polish and Danish project supporters as well as between all Polish Institutes and Companies involved in the Eureka Project during the fulfilling  of the project tasks.  The company used to participate in planning and setting up  a new sludge processing plant as well as in running and preliminary examination of the Ortwed process for oil derivative sludge treatment, as well as for sludge from WWTP in common with the Danish company. Furthermore Tuzal Ltd. on the base of the ORTWED solidification sludge technology will contribute to working out the methodology of sludge utilisation keeping Polish Regulations, EU Directives and American Standards. The Company also run the marketing to introduce the ORTWED Method of sludge solidification in the home and overseas market."