About Us

„TUZAL” Ltd. Company activities include:

Ø  Consulting, services and intermediary in the field of environmental engineering and technologies, especially drinking as well as industrial water preparation and wastewater treatment,

Ø  Production of „EcoDrain” TM equipment containing insert with „Aikaterisil” TM absorbent for storm water direct treatment and neutralization,

Ø  Coordination of International Project in European EUREKAProgramm named “SOILSTABSORBENT” , Project No: E! 2695,

Ø  Exclusive right for FKJA/LAFT system for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metals V, Cd, Zn, Hg, Pb, Cu, Ni, Cr, Al, oils, grease, toxic, hazardous and other dangerous contaminations, especially from metal finishing industry,

Ø  Exclusive right for ORTWED Process of sludge treatment with burnt lime (CaO),

Ø  Neutralisation of used and old reagents and chemical wastes,

Ø  Liquidation and demolishing of closed, non-operated industrial plants and structures contaminated with risky and unsafe chemical compounds,

  Ø  Disposal of dangerous, toxic and hazardous chemical substances,